FR: decrease the invisible bounding boxes around hyphens

It’s too easy to select a hyphen when I intended to select the syllable adjacent to it. It seems that the bounding boxes for hyphens actually overlap with the lyrics themselves. This is especially difficult to correctly select a lyric when it’s a small syllable surrounded by hyphens, like -a- or -i-.

Could these bounding boxes for hyphens be reduced slightly? Thanks.

The click area for the hyphen will be no larger than the bounding shape for the font character itself. I’m not sure there’s any sane way we could reduce it in a way that would work reliably or predictably for any arbitrary font.

That doesn’t seem to match what I’m seeing. The click area for the syllables is just around the character itself, which makes sense. But it seems the click area for the hyphen is quite wide by comparison, extending far beyond the actual hyphen character itself, up to the edges of the adjacent syllables.

Below, yes, but not in my experience to either side. If you’re approaching the hyphen from the left or right, you really do have to click the hyphen itself.

A peculiarity of Minion Pro?

Eurgh. I’m going to have to fire up the Windows machine, aren’t I. Bear with.

Always appreciate you being willing to go the extra mile, but I’m not sure what the Windows-vs-Mac issue would be.

Academico is slightly better in this regard, but the hyphen still “extends” slightly into the syllable.

I was hoping (for your sake) that it’d be a Windows vs Mac oversight. I can’t reproduce it on Windows either, though, and I’ve just tried a few fonts. Can you post a file?

Sure, here’s one example: Thanks.

I suggest you try switching on Engrave > Show Handles > Always so that you can see the handles for the lyric hyphens all the time. If you can see them, you won’t click on them by accident.

This is truly weird. I can’t reproduce this even on your file, in the same bar (the one after the 2nd time bar). Doesn’t matter whether it’s Minion or Academico. You’re on, right?

Write mode:

Engrave mode:

@Daniel: thanks. That’s a lot of visual additive, but I’ll give it a try. I do like the specificity.

@Leo: I’m running Just tried updating but can’t get the build you referenced.

Dan, that’s the version of the audio engine. The Dorico version number is immedately above that.

You don’t have to show all of the handles, of course: you could leave just the lyrics ones shown.

Oh, duh. Yeah, I’m running 1051.

Just curious… Leo, when you show handles, does yours look like this?

Ah, so (now that I can see the handles) it looks to be an issue of clicking too low. Dan, I hope I’m not patronising you if I remind you that the left and right arrow keys work well in this situation :wink:

But I certainly want the handles shown when I’ve selected an item. So I’ll give them a try.

You’re not patronizing, but you’re incorrect in this case. Left and right are not predictable in Engrave mode when lyrics and hyphens are involved.

Not entirely predictable, especially when multiple lines of lyrics are in use, but better than clicking repeatedly and mistakenly selecting a hyphen.