FR - default CC7 to other than OFF

Following a recent little thread on MIDI automation, I realise that it would be great if Nuendo could, when initially creating an automation state in MIDI automation, to create that state as 127, not OFF.

I’ve been kinda swearing under my breath about this for years.

The reason being, that OFF very quickly takes on the guise of ZERO. If you enable automation for CC7, and have this Data routed to automation tracks (rather than parts) then on automation punch out, it will snap (return) to the “base state”. Which is unfortunately, OFF. Which of course passes by “ZERO” on it’s way, muting the instrument on the receiving end.

Please could MIDI tracks default to 127, or perhaps a user definable value? Please?

Note that this behaviour is not consistent with the behaviour of an audio track. In this latter case, the “base state” of the volume automation is 0db, which is of course very much ON not OFF. After a punch out on an audio track, the base state of the automation, to which the fader will return, is 0db.

A tweak in the programme here would make a huge difference to MIDI workflow.

I am aware that there are fill commands etc etc to get round this. It would stiil be easier though, to have MDII volume default to something other than OFF. Or perhaps reposition OFF as being a notch above 127, rather than a notch below Zero.

To understand that I mean, look at the MIFI volume fader on the inspector. Before anything is recorded or automated, it says “off” and the fader is all the way down.