[FR] disconnected staves

For quicker and easier layout of performance notes, I think it would be nice to be able to disconnect the staves from each other. That would make creating multiple frames superfluous and guarantee a nice layout.

Could slices (that did not include the left barline) be a solution?

I would operate with graphics then, instead of being able to create my own legend notation, which by the way can be different from how it appears in the score.
I always loved the freedom and possibilities dorico provides me in creating performance notes.

It is also perfectly doable with multiple frames, but of course takes more time.

Once I did a really dirty trick to make something like this. In my case, I wanted to showcase part of the music that was in the middle of the flow (for analysis in the preface). Since you can’t specify where a flow starts in a specific frame chain, what I did was:

  • Create a frame with a frame break.
  • Create another frame and place another frame break where I wanted the music to start.
  • On the first frame break, mark as “Wait for next frame break”.
  • Adjust the second frame so it shows exactly as much music as I wanted.
  • “Hide” the first frame by making it tiny and putting a white graphic frame on top of it. That was dirty!

In your case, you could use the same, and inputting the said frame break in the middle of the bar, so it doesn’t have a barline.

Nice idea!
Well, it is not really the baseline, as the connecting line also appears in open meter, and it makes sense in regular sheet music.
Again, I don‘t want to use the exact occurrence as it is in my piece.
I am happy to create a new flow for Performance Notes.
But if I have 15 techniques to specify, for now I need to create 15 flows and 15 music frames.
It is not an issue, I have done it before. But just creating one flow and one frame would be easier.

How about using one single-staff instrument for your notes and forcing system breaks for each note? That would let you keep your added frame to one. The only drawback I can think is if you change clef and need to suppress the courtesy clef in the system before, but that might be satisfied by using a Coda with a flush left margin.

Yes, I thought about that too.
I would only miss the different instrument names which I used for the playing technique.
Maybe this would also work with instrument changes and hiding the labels, as I don’t need any in this project…