FR: display "real" page number even when page numbers overridden

I’d love it if the next version of Dorico would show the “actual” or real page number in parenthesis even when there have been page number overrides. Frequently, I’ll keep one project for a particular hymn tune, but set multiple texts. Then, when I go to export I just do specific pages. This, however gets confusing if you’ve inserted multiple page number overrides. (See example: first page 1 is a title page; second page 1 is the first 2-page hymn, the third page 1 is the second 2-page hymn.) If we had some indication, however small or slight, what the true sequence of the pages are, this would really help exporting only specific pages. In larger, multi-flow projects, this can really take some trial and error to get it right.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider this.

Thanks, as always!