FR: Don't move screen when leaving input mode


This has now happened to me several times:
I am in note input mode and scroll the score to some other position to have a look at something. I decide to leave note input mode in order to do something where I am currently looking at. I press and the sceen moves to the position where the input cursor has been, drawing me away from where I want to work next.

I don’t know if the current behaviour is useful for anyone, but for me this is a distraction. I prefer Dorico to just leave input mode and not do anything else. Jumping back to where I explicitly don’t want to work anymore feels a bit clumsy.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

In general, Dorico doesn’t do this. If you have a reproducible case, please attach it here so that we can take a look and see what’s happening.

I have tried several times in the last days to redo what I had done immediately after this has happened (enter write mode, scroll to somewhere else, press ), but it did not show the described problem then.
I fear all I will be able to come up with will be some kind of “it happened again”.

All I can say by now is that it happened

  • on a document that was started from scratch in Dorico (no XML import)
  • with not too many players (about 15)
  • only one flow
  • in galley view.

I’ll keep you updated.
(Being a programmer myself I know how important reproducible test cases are. But sometimes all a regular user can come up with is “it happened under some distinct circumstances”.)