[FR] Drag Fades With the Mouse

Logic and Studio One and probably other DAWs already operate like that and I think it’s a quicker way to get the fades you want fast without opening the fade editor.

Instead of dragging a fade, double clicking it to open the fade editor, adjusting the fade and clicking OK, why not let us drag that fade directly with the mouse?

PT with its 12.6 update seems to have seen the light and adapted the way they do fades. It’s much faster.

I think it’s way faster and you would not even need the fade tool at all, saving another dialog and many clicks. The Fade Editor is more powerful of course but it seems overpowered. Do many people need to draw their own fades with nodes? Why not use volume automation for that? I don’t know if this complexity is needed. 99.9999% of the time I either use linear fades or click one of the logarithmic ones at the bottom of the dialog. By directly dragging the fade with the mouse I would not even need to open the editor at all.

The little triangle on top corners of an audio event? Try it?

To drag a fade, yes. But often I make them non-linear in one or the other way. This only works in the fade tool, right? Is there a way to drag a curve with those triangles? I haven’t found one.

aa I see. Not that I know of.

BTW I hate the way it works for example in the Adobe audition. In Audition fade shape is different depending from what height you drag your mouse.
90% of times I use only linear fade and only thing that varies is the fade lenghts… I can get very far with that…

I’m on board with it.

The only thing I’d be worried about is cross-platform compatibility. It would seem that the more options we have for the exact fade type the less likely it is to carry over using AAFs. But maybe that’s already a lost cause…

That is true and I haven’t thought about that. But how will PT export AAFs now that it has this ability? It probably won’t carry over either. Or will they extend the standard? :slight_smile:

For really exchanging projects that are close to being done this is a real bummer. But I often get movies that I should mix so all fades are more an “intent” of the director anyway. I seldomly use the fades as they are and have to re-arrange tracks and clips, transitions and crossfades, and re-do a lot of that fade stuff anyway. So to me, existing fades are just guides. But if I wanted to send the project back to PT after being done, this would surely cause problems.

Probably true.

Wait. There’s the fade editor you can open today in Nuendo and do wild fade curves. Or normal logarithmic ones. Do they translate to AAF? Because If the do or don’t doesn’t matter. Nuendo has that option already, so dragging a fade with the mouse instead of opening the fade tool would be faster either way, but not more incompatible or compatible than it already is.

You’re not off the hook Steinberg :wink:


+1 !

+1 from me as well