[FR] e button opens up sequential routing

Would be nice if I could open up the group that an audio track is routed to, sequentially. This is much like when you’re working on a MIDI track and press the Instrument button, opening up the VST instrument that is associated with that midi track. For example:

My groups are set up as follows:

Acoustic Guitar 1------>Acoustic Guitars Group------->All Guitars Group------->Instrumental Group------>Stereo Out

Currently, when I click the “e” button on the channel, Acoustic Guitar 1 comes up and when pressed again, the channel disappears. What I would like is to be able to press CTRL+e button to open up where the current channel is routed. For example:

click “e” button and the Edit Channel Settings for Acoustic Guitar 1 Opens up.
CTRL+“e” button again and the Edit Channel Settings for Acoustic Guitars GROUP opens up.
CTRL+“e” button again and the Edit Channel Settings for All Guitars GROUP opens up.
. . . and so on until you’re back to Acoustic Guitar 1 again.

This would save me a lot of hunting through group tracks when mixing. Thoughts?


I see this being very useful in post also.

In fact it would be almost as useful as being able to open a 5.1.1 project in 5.5 with out destroying it lol.

LOL indeed!

This is kind of what I’m looking for. Pretty close. Thanks for posting. Wish I could quickly scroll like I mentioned though.