[FR] Electric guitar recording

Sorry to start this with a FR, but there would be one functionality I would REALLY need for VST Connect:

On the Performer side, at least a smaller version of the Amp Rack (monitoring only), so it would be easier to record electric guitars (especially when doing rock or metal, we need distortion, but I want the clean signal and not some half baked, home brew “amp miking”).

Yes please!

for me, this feature is absolutely essential, almost have no use for vst connect otherwise.

Part of it seems to be coming for next release by having the option to use a guitar plug-in, but record the clean signal. However, it would be sooo much better to have the effect built in. A very simple one is enough, just being able to set some gain levels ( distortion)

Its good to be able to use a third party plugin as an option. BUT I really want the built in plugin ( just like the reverb is needed for vocals, this is needed for guitar). Its a lot of hassle asking my perfomers to install complicated plug in software and put them in the right folders. Plus I can control the settings from my side if the plugin is built in. Thirdly, I want to be able to use ipads on the performers side, and is it even possible then to add a third party plug in- where only the clean signal is recorded?

So to sum up request: built in guitar processing, with distortion, plus option to record the clean signal

If everybody requests this, maybe steinberg will add it for next release