[FR] Export Audio Mixdown - Follow Project Sample Rate

I’m sure it must have been requested several times during the years already, but as I just ran into it again:

Please allow for an option (or even a Preference) to use the active Project’s audio settings (or at least sample rate and bit depth) for Export Audio Mixdown.

Background: I’m switching between sessions several times a day, and they come in different SRs, but Nuendo always sticks to the last chosen Export settings, which makes me rendering mixdowns at wrong SRs every now and then.



+1 Yes please, it is common sense. We switch Projects between session formats several times a day, too. We work in the format that our clients work, which differ between all formats. Switching between clients in a day is always a stop and check and change and change back boobbietrap. Or maybe please have a Preference to save all Export Audio Mixdown settings with the Project, rather than globally.



Yes please!

Default same as project, then saved with project.

best regards,

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A big plus one from me

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Make it so.

This would be good.

Makes sense! Would keep you from having stressful export moments!


Just ran into the same issue again while exporting updated mixes from three different projects.