[FR] extensions need better rendering or bounce

Extensions are cool, although I find are operating quite slow on my machine. Tested Spectral layers pro + Auto align. We need a better workflow to integrate extensions. Right now not being able to process DOP renders it pretty useless at least for things that are pre-editing (pre-final stages) workflow like Auto align, melodyne. Maybe if we had the ability to flatten them in place at least and for it to keep all of the track names + metadata at least, even if we lose handles and save a copy on another track version would help make it usable. Of course having them operate like DOP would be the way to go. If its not possible with the coding. Maybe part of the extension process is to make its own rendering down of the file and having it appear in DOP instead. I tried to do a render in place, but even selected as separate events it seems to glue events that are touching together when not intended. Any thoughts to share on how some are using extensions efficiently in their workflow. Sadly needs lot of work in my opinion

can you read your text by yourself please?
and after that… explain what it means…

sorry it was a quick get my thoughts out while I’m testing something, etc. I think it should be understood for those that may be using Extensions. ARA2 etc

I think the text can use some formatting but otherwise it’s pretty clear. The extensions workflow is just not very good atm, I agree after testing with Spectral Layers a while ago.

yeah apologies again for my frantic first message.

Basically what I mean is that Extensions need some type of Flattening, rending ability or conversion to DOP. I can’t figure a workflow that allows me to process everything through extensions and easily have the ability to further process DOP on it. Work around is to bounce each individual event, which does not retain metadata. Bouncing also glues selections together which isn’t ideal either. Rendering in place also doesn’t provide separate events when events are touching and then also glues them. So I hope Steinberg is thinking of a way to easily flatten down Extensions.