FR: Favor matches at the start of completion in popovers

Right now the completions offered in a popover are sorted alphanumerically.

I purpose that matchs that START with the current input be sorted first

For instance, Shift+P and type in “up”. Currently, “cup mute”, “overpressure poss up”, “overpressure up”, “play at upper end of strings”, “slide with supplness”, and “strum up” are all offered before “upbow”.

In my proposed change any completions where the input matches at the start are offered first are sorted to the top.

This will enable much faster entry.

So for upbow you could just Shift-P “up”, and it’s right there.

If tab could be made to select the top suggestion that would be even better and save another keystroke.


We could very easily change the way this works so that only those results that begin with the entered characters are returned, but it would take a bit more work to provide custom sorting of the returned suggestions. That’s not to say we shouldn’t consider doing that in the future, though.