[FR] Fill Range Command

A “Fill Range” command-- where, for example, a variable per-instance range tool-sized piece of a larger room tone file could be inserted in the timeline repeatedly as needed, with a minimum of keystrokes.


There’s already fill loop, does it not do what you want?

It does not.

Looking for a solution that works better on the fly, doesn’t take the extra steps of creating a loop, and integrates more seamlessly into regular dialog editing workflow.


I’m bumping this after finishing an audiobook that would have gone much, much quicker with the requested feature.

The closest I get to it (and it’s not very close) is by copying a chunk of roomtone from the pool into the range editor, then pasting and trimming as I go.

That works ok… BUT…

  1. I do a lot of exporting of mp3s as I go, to be included in pickup notes (when I’m working with remote readers, not in real time). Each time I do an export the range buffer somehow gets dumped, and I need to reselect and copy. Tiresome and flow-inhibiting.

  2. Obviously, when I need to use the range tool to copy and paste something else, the RT sample is lost; again, I have to go back to the pool and copy.

The best workaround I can come up with in my head (just don’t have time to work it out right now, though I should probably make that time to save more in the long run :unamused: will be to:

Make a dedicated track for room tone and fill it to the end of the project

Come up with some sort of macro that will, when I select a range in the track above the room tone track, cut the offending noise in the track, sample the RT beneath and paste it back above.

Will be looking back at Kid Dropper’s “checkerboard” macro:


to see if it can be adapted to this purpose.

Just want to get the job done! Is anybody out there doing something like this already? Or have a better, simpler idea?


Ok, so, I did it, sort of. Actually, it’ll work great…

My “Insert Room Tone” macro:

First thing-- fill a track w/RT to the end of the project. Put that track under the one being edited.

I work in Shuffle mode (snap type), hence the “Grid” command in the macro.

Edit - Snap Type: Grid
Navigate - Down
Edit - Copy
Navigate - Up
Edit - Delete
Edit - Paste
Edit - Snap Type: Shuffle

Ok. I feel kind of stupid for not doing this a long time ago! I think this will solve all of my problems; Many of you using this technique already?