FR: final spacing handle for split bars

When I split bars between systems, there’s no final handle above the staff that allows me to compress the space between the final note and the end of the system. In the example below, the 4/4 bar needs to be split after 3 beats (this is a pretty frequent occurrence for hymns).

Could this spacing option be added (as a handle) for split bars? At present, it’s difficult to compress this final space without some difficulty. You can see that I have to compress the final note almost flush with the barline before it, then force the note itself to the right, then adjust the lyrics to match. In this example below, I can’t compress the measure further… and sometimes I need every bit of space I can get.

Can you add a note spacing change there then reset it at the start of the next system?

Dan, I requested the exact same thing for the exact same reason a while ago, so this is a definite +1 from me!

No, because the systems are so full (often more than 105%), so granular control is the only solution.

Thanks James. And that’s a beautiful screenshot.

As an update: I found a way around this.

  1. Engraving Options–Barlines, set dashed length to 0
  2. Select first note of system after the split
  3. Shift-B, colon. It adds a “dashed” (invisible) barline at the end of the system… and a handle as well.

Still would be nice to get a handle without this workaround, in case the casting off needs to change, but it works!

Great idea! I’ll try that.