FR Fingerings in guitar chords diagrams

Seing new features for guitar chord diagrams in Dorico 3.5 I was very curious to see which features had been added.
It was a real surprise that brought a big smile on my face to see the “Used chor diagrams grid” feature!
Congrats for this, I use such chord diagram table since 40 years :slight_smile:

But I was also curious to see if the look of the chord diagram in itself had been changed, more precisely concerning fingerings.
Unfortunately fingerings are still not genuinely possible.
It is such a pitty as guitar fingerings are so important for guitar players.

May I plead for this function to be added?

I would also like to add some concrete examples to ilustrate why fingerings are necessary even in cases that may appear at first sight obvious.
In case some people think fingering on a guitar chord diagram would not be necessary as the dots on the strings show clearly which fingers should be used, have a look at the following four diagrams for a very simple chord: these are four fingerings for A major, a chord that every guitar player who wants to play chords learns from the very beginning.

BTW these are only common fingerings for this chord, there are other possibilities :wink:

A major chord diagram 2.jpg

I personally prefer the first version with numbers under the diagram but I would have nothing against the second version with number inside the diagram which may look slimmer.

May I also suggest the possibility to be able mark the root note?

We do plan to make it possible both to add fingerings to chord diagrams and potentially to allow different shaped dots in due course.

Nice to hear.

Hi Daniel and Teacuemusic,
I am also really missing the fingering possibilities on guitar chord diagrams. I also would like to suggest that tablature numbers are possible to change. Especially usefull when you slap on the guitar. You like the tab number to change into a cross to indicate the slap. Very happy with the latest update though. Especially the possibilities of the expression maps. I almost gave up on it and turned back to Cubase. Friendly greetings Vincent

+1 for this FR