FR: Flow Footers

Title says it all: it would be awesome if we could also have dynamic flow footers with the option to have them automatically appear at the bottom of a page, at the end of the music itself (if mid system) or at the end of the music at the bottom of the page (in conjunction with “flows always start on a new page” this should work well). This would be particularly useful for large collections of works that have different copyright / other data for each flow. Hymnals, for instance, require a whole slew of regularized, but different data at the end of every hymn (some hymnals right after the music, some at the bottom of a page). You can only get so far with changing master pages, because you cant selectively apply the right type of footer without needing manual overrides, which then messes you up big time if you want to change flow order down the road.

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I have requested this already some time ago:

So you did. I missed that. Glad I’m not the only one!