FR : Flow grid & engraving fix

I quite often use flows as set lists for my gigs, and after transcribing a lot of songs in a file it’s quite tedious to rearrange them in an other order as a set list, because of only horizontal scrolling being available.
Which makes me think it could be nice to have in the Setup panel a Flow Grid rather than only horizontal scrolling (it could be a popup tab for instance?), it’ll make things much easier to reorganize the flows (and maybe even being able to double click on the number of the flow to be able to type any number and the flow would automatically take that “place” as long as it exists).

An other annoying thing (to me), which is related to engraving : on each first page of a flow, the title text box is locked inside the master music frame, which is very annoying because lot of music symbols for instance get blended with the flow title (for instance try to put repeat endings on the first system, they’re always over the flow title).
Could we have an option to have the master music frame starting after the Flow text frame rather than the two of them being tied to each other ??

Thanks !

For the second point: increasing the Flow Heading bottom margin will provide extra space.


You can also re-order flows in the Project Info dialog, where there are move up/move down buttons in the list on the left.


I’d like to see an image of this in order better to understand the problem.

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yeah sure

thanks I’ll try that in the meantime !

thanks Lillie, I didn’t know about that

another one (both from the gig I did tonight for a wedding)

Can you show us Engrave mode where we can see the frames, or better post a Dorico file of just the first system affected? Since it’s only a chord diagram with slashes, I do not think that would be a copyright problem.

Yes, increasing the flow heading bottom margin (either throughout the layout, which affects all flow headings in it, or just on selected pages as part of a flow heading change, although you don’t have to use a different flow heading template) should fix this issue.

I’m curious why your repeat endings are so far above the staff for no. 17 though. Have you moved some items in Engrave mode? If the chord symbols were originally further up to avoid the text, try disabling collision avoidance for the “Intro” text first (i.e. tell Dorico not to factor the text into its spacing calculations at all). That should allow the chord symbols to sit closer to the staff automatically, and likewise the repeat ending brackets. If you’re intending to move text around, I’d really recommend doing this in most cases, as it’ll involve less faff elsewhere and you’ll get better spacing generally.

Not sure about whether or not the flow grid idea has been taken into account/considered by the team (@dspreadbury ?) , but as I was just talking about it again in an other topic I quickly sketched out (in Sketch) a rough UI idea to illustrate what I meant (one is the screenshot of how flows are displayed currently, one is a screenshot of a panel idea with a grid in which flows could be dragged vertically or horizontally to be rearranged, or just vertically in the leftside flow list) :