[FR] for educational purpose: Merge selected Flows in a new one

I hope I’m not alone in wanting this. But for teaching material, it would be interesting when you have a project that contains a lot of flow/exercises to be able to select some and create a new flow and give a student in 30 seconds the exercises that suit them.

  • Another advantage of merging several flows for educational purposes: we can then duplicate and transpose it and have “real parts” and not “ghost parts” unlike as with the function: Create a part with an alternate transposition in Dorico
    If the transposition is outside the range of an instrument, it can be changed without altering the original part

This is already possible: duplicate a layout, right-click on its name in Setup Mode, and select ‘Clef and transposition overrides’ (also available in the ‘…’ menu at the bottom)

Merging flows has been requested before, I think, but it’s complicated as soon as more instruments are involved, or the flows are coming from different sources.