FR: For the future Dorico SE <-> Cubase Pro Integration

Hello Dorico team,
As you already know the Score Editor in Cubase is available only in version Pro.
I would like to see the following available when the integration happens:
When Dorico SE is in use with Cubase Pro, in this situation the limitation for scoring to only 2 instruments, to be turned to
unlimited number of tracks/staves, as in Cubase Pro.
Would be nice if Dorico SE can be use as replacement of the Cubase’s - Score Editor. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

I don’t see any likelihood of this happening, now or in the future.

Hello Daniel,
Why not? This will increase a lot more the Dorico user base. I’m sure that many people would prefer to use Dorico SE instead of Score Editor.
And the only thing that you should change here is to allow unlimited tracks/staves editing just when Dorico SE is synced with Cubase Pro.
When Dorico SE isn’t synced with Cubase Pro, the limitation would be valid again.
We working in Cubase, we don’t need Engrave mode.

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So in addition to the three licensing levels, you’d like to add a fourth that is contingent on synchronization with another program… I’m no programmer, but that sounds sufficiently convoluted.

Dear Thurisaz,
What happens then to the people working on Cubase’s score editor? Do they join the Dorico team? Or assigned to other tasks? Or simply (Avid method) fired? I understand it’s fine to dream aloud on the forum, but I could not help myself to feel bad when I read your post and Daniel’s answer. In any case, using Dorico (any version) as the score editor in Cubase has certainly been considered at some level by Steinberg and there must be some good reason for the things to be the way they are.

With all due respect, the cubase score editor feels like it’s out of the 90s. I’ve seen Greg ondo make some great videos on it, but for me dorico is a joy to use, and the score editor in cubase is very clunky, and very unjoyous. But maybe others use it and are happy with it.

I like the idea of cubase SE in cubase. No engraving needed. Just display the midi data and have the same dorico tools to manipulate the midi data. All the work the dorico team have done, we can’t blame the OP and others for hoping the beautiful dorico would find a way into cubase in some form or another (not just interoperability…)

Dorico uses the cubase audio engine…could cubase use the dorico score editing engine? Maybe if there is a score editor team in cubase, they could then focus their attention elsewhere in the production of cubase? Of course, the inner workings of a company are complex, and I won’t claim to know anything about it.

Respect to all. Just thoughts.

Indeed it does, and that seems an obviously sensible idea instead of reinventing a very big wheel.

But people who have been with Dorico since version 1 (and the 0.x beta versions before that) might remember that integrating the audio engine into Dorico took a lot longer than the developers expected, and some features are still not completely integrated in Dorico 3.1 (e.g. some of the options in Cubase expression maps).

Since the entire design of Dorico is not based on “something that looks like MIDI data” I wouldn’t be surprised if integrating Dorico editing into Cubase was just as big a task - i.e. years of work, not months.

Has it occurred to anyone that replacing the Cubase Score Editor with Dorico’s on-the-fly layout calculations might cause a serious performance hit, since Cubase files often have far more tracks to account for than a Dorico file?

I’m glad that’s not in the cards!

I do agree that there seems to be no point to the Cubase Score Editor at this point. It’s old and clunky, and the same company, Steinberg, has already invested millions in creating a new 21st century notation package in Dorico. If Steinberg wants to keep Cubase relevant going forward with built in notation, then it’s a no brainer to replace its Score Editor with some version of Dorico tech. Just as Dorico has taken advantage of the Cubase audio engine tech for playback.

Dear colleagues hello,
If you were able to spend some time on the Survey, I’d may noticed the questions lead to the conclusion that integration will be a Real-Time bi-directional sync based.
Which is the only that worth to work on. Models of integration like Presonus Studio One and Notion, don’t work well…
So, Dan, no need of another license… Just when Dorico SE get synced with Cubase Pro, has to unlock the limitations I mentioned above. Nothing more.
Of course many changes (Dorico inspired) should happen in Cubase, like Multiple Voices per MIDI track, and the Endpoints.
Dorico also needs to improve it’s playback, and to get rid of Exclusion Groups and Combined PT in the Expression Maps… These features are very time consuming and at the end you may still have some problems.

Marc, I don’t offer someone to be fired! :slight_smile: The Score Editor could remain for those who like and want to use it. Of course it is the most outdated and terribly organized tool in Cubase Pro, which is almost completely useless, to me, and obviously to many others, too…
My personal opinion about the team behind the Score Editor… If I was the owner of Steinberg, I would join them to the Dorico team to help
the integration process and further support of it…

I hope the guys will think more deeply on this suggestion of mine! :slight_smile: Well the codding teams will have their hard times, but at the end everyone will
benefit from it, the company, the users, the teams… and no one will lose his/her job. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

The impression I got was more along the lines of better importing of files…

theduke hello,
Of course there should be options for transferring files between both apps, no doubt! :slight_smile: But the most important thing is, when both apps are
synced, to work in real-time bi-directional way. If you do any changes in the MIDI track in Cubase, to appear as notation in Dorico and vice versa
The same for CC Data and Mixer’s Volume and Pan, too. (Well, would be great if it’s possible to sync the whole Mix Console - Inserts, Sends, Pre-fader, Post-fader, but the Mixer in Dorico should become completely identical to the one in Cubase)

Best regards,