FR: Global "Show staff label: Never" setting

In piano-vocal scores I want to have any vocal staves labeled (obviously) but the piano part doesn’t need a label. That can of course be done by renaming it [blank]. But then, on systems where there’s just piano, there’s still an indent on the left to accommodate the empty staff label. I have to set a System Break on every such system and set the Staff Labels: None property, which of course does the job but it’s a lot of manual intervention and it locks up the layout unnecessarily.

Hence this FR: a setting in the Instrument Name dialog that says Show staff label: Never/Always/Follow Options like there is for divisi labeling.


I also never label my accompaniment after the first stave, while retaining other (abbreviated) labeling. The curly grace is always sufficient to know what it is.

They can be set to None globally in Layout Options > Staves and Systems.

Of course I know that, but that isn’t the solution. I want to globally hide staff labels for a specific instrument while showing all the other ones.