[FR] Grain Reverse and Direction Randomize feature request

Hi -

Please could I request a simple feature add for Padshop (Pro)…

I would like to experiment with a Reverse Grain and Grain Direction Randomize or Alternate capability.

I’m not talking about what can be done with Speed in Playback Settings. That is for the direction and speed moved when moving to the next grain, not the direction of play of the grain itself.

My assumption is that this is not a performance killer as it is just about moving the playback pointer in the opposite direction, or randomizing the direction of a grain already loaded…(?).



All those functions already exist. The loop function when speed is set to negative values plays gains in reverse. And, there are random options for various actions. You can get an “alternate” behavior by messing with the randomize percentage and the direction.

Unfortunately not.

If Speed is set to negative values it does not play each grain in reverse. All grains always appear to be played forward. There’s visual feedback for that on screen, and also I can hear it when I select a large grain length.

If Speed is set to negative it makes the playback pointer jump backwards along the imported sample and then play forwards from there.

Forgive me if I’m missing something - but this is not the same thing as playing each grain in reverse.


The visual feedback … the apparent movement of the grain play … can be deceiving. Grains will clearly play in reverse as long as the speed setting is between 0 and minus 100 … and it becomes more apparent as the speed moves toward 0. With a speed of between minus 100 and minus 200 the visual feedback can give the illusion that grains are playing forward rather than in reverse … but they aren’t. Set the playback position indicator in the middle and the speed to minus 10 and you’ll see the grains play in reverse. Then set the speed to minus 200 and you’ll likely see the illusion that the grains are playing forward rather than in reverse.

As to what you hear … depending on the waveform … that can be deceiving too. Load up a bell and set the playback position indicator on the decay side of the waveform … and set the speed to minus 10. You will clearly hear the bell play in reverse.

As to your playback position indicator jumping around … I dunno what to say about that … mine stays put.


Thanks KenB.

Ok - done as you suggest… So I loaded the Bell sample from the Padshop / 03 Instruments folder.

Position = 0
Offset = 0
Loop = On
Speed = -10
Number = 1
Duration = 250

I press a key briefly and I hear a bell played forward and I see the visual streamer move left to right.

If I hold the key down it plays the bell forward, then moves the playhead back -10% (wrapping around the sample if it needs to), then plays the grain forward from there, then moves the playhead back -10%, then plays the grain forward from there, then moves the playhead back -10% etc. etc.

I don’t hear any grains being played in reverse (no reverse bell effect heard).

Am I missing something?


Ok … now I see what you’re referring to.

I think what you’re seeing is the effect of the Grain Length setting. This is how I set my Padshop to diagnose what you’re seeing. Hope the attachment shows up.

Press and hold down a key … with a negative speed and 100% grain length … the first instance of the grain will play forward from the playback position indicator … subsequent grain instances will also play forward but playback will march to the left.

Now … while retaining the negative speed setting set the grain length to zero … press and hold down a key … and you’ll see the grains clearly march to the left as they play.

Although grain streams can be made to play left to right or right to left by adjusting the speed setting … grains only play left to right … I wish Padshop had the ability to set grains to play right to left.


Thanks for taking a look @Stinger64.

Yes - totally agree. I wish that grain reverse capability was there.

Seems like a missed opportunity for opening up a whole load more sonic possibilities.

Timo / Steinberg - if you’re listening - any chance of this capability making its way into PadShop?


I have been trying the 30 day demo and i was almost sold until i realized i cannot reverse the direction the grains play… I mean even simple reaktor ensembles do this but i love the interface of Padshop hopefully this gets resolved on a later update because i would purchase the full version for sure. Cheers

Too bad:( I tried the demo and almost purchased had it not been for this feature being not available. Even simple reaktor ensembles can do the reverse direction. Hopefully you guys update and add this feature i would be sold.

Any news on updates for Padshop / Padshop Pro? And any chance of this feature making it into the product? Pleeeeease! :slight_smile: