[FR] Group-Folder Channel?

Hello SB,
It would be great to have a Group-Folder channel, combining the two. So we can drag audio channels into a group channel that also acts like a collapsable Folder channel, where the audio channels can automatically route to that group. A time saver and with less lanes in the project.

Example: have a Background vocal Group-Folder channel in your template that is already routed to its proper output. Client sends you 12 bg vocal tracks. Import the tracks in to the project, then drag all new channels into the Group-Folder channel. Routed, organized and done.

Quick, convenient, and saves lanes in your project if you are like me. My template has a pre-routed Group Channel inside each Folder Channel. New files are imported, dragged inside their proper folders and then assigned to its’ Group channel. This way Folder lane and Group lane would be one lane while convenient to add channels to the group.

Thank you, Nuendo is great,

I guess what I really meant. Please add folder functions to the Group channel, including auto routing when a channel is dragged in.

I suggested this years ago. Not sure why there is no bandwagon. Would save so much time. Great minds think alike!