[FR] Group Rename Tracks

[This is part of a selection of Feature Requests I’m submitting on behalf of my colleagues as we evaluate Cubase as a replacement for Vegas in our department. Be good to know if others are interested. If anyone at Steinberg feel there is a better way for me to submit these, please send me a PM and I’ll be happy to discuss further]

When creating a load of audio (or whatever) tracks, it would be able to be able to batch rename them.

For example, I want to create 10 tracks for, let’s say, Explosions.

  1. Add Audio Track
  2. Count - 10
  3. Add Track
  4. 10 audio tracks are created, lets say called Audio 9, Audio 10, Audio 11 … and so on, up to Audio 18.
  5. I now have to click on the names of each track and manually change them to Explosions 01, Explosions 02, Explosions 03 etc. This is a bit of a pain.

Be great if there was a method by which I could select them all, then hit some batch rename option somewhere with fields saying ‘Shared Name’ or something I put ‘Explosions’ in, then an Autonumber field which I can set as two digits, numbers increasing one each time, and so on.

I see what you mean and that could be very useful. What I do right now, when I have several tracks that belong together, I just drop them in a folder track naming the folder track Explosions, and all the audio tracks are just audio 1 to audio n.

I just saw JHP’s post in my thread about folder tracks using the Logical Editor to rename a bunch of folder tracks.

I wonder if I could use it to do the same to some audio tracks …

Yes, this is possible. Check out my gif that explains the method.
The logical editor is very easy to use once you get the hang of it’s concept. It is intuitive. So you can come up with your own commands and logical presets.

What the preset I created does:
If the container type is a track and this track is selected the operation beneath will be applied.
The operation beneath is “Generate Name: Explosion” and start the count form “1”. After this I prepend the name “Intro_”.


Nice one…!

And don’t forget to show yourself saving this as a preset at the end, with a suitable name - this reminds us visually/procedurally, we can re-use these things; we’re not having to create them from scratch every time… :slight_smile:

Ohh yes, you can save your presets.
Give them explanatory names and maybe a short prefix so you can find all of your presets quickly in the KeyCommand list.

You can trigger your presets with KeyCommands and MIDI gear. A Logical preset can be combined with a Macro or become part of a Macro batch command chain.

Gr, :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks JHP. I should really get to grips with the logical editor some time, cheers for the incentive :slight_smile: