[FR]H5 Automatic Program Loading in MediaBay

After watching the videos, it still seems one needs to press Enter/“L”/double click to load a program into a slot.

This has always bugged me in H4 as when using Cubase’s MediaBay and selecting Halion sounds(or any VST sound/loop for that matter), it immediately loads with just 1 click which is great for workflow.

Is it possible to at least include the option for automatic loading in an update?


I totally hear ya, it does get tiring after awhile. I absolutely love everything about the HALion mediabay, except for its previewing and loading, which is a huge part of how it works unfortunately. It is great to be able to label and tag everything for quick finding, but non realtime previewing and having to load it via double click, or by pressing L, just sucks.

I can’t find the thread for the life of me now, but a couple things were brought up back when HALion 4 was first released that I ‘believe’ Steinberg said they had in mind, but not yet implemented. I really hoped these would be part of HALion 5, but nothing has changed whatsoever in how Mediabay works in HALion 5 from HALion 4.

The topics were…

1.) Realtime previewing of the HALion 4 mediabay, just like the Cubase mediabay which you mentioned above. Highlighting a preset, has it play so you can hear it BEFORE it gets loaded into a slot. At the moment it is load, play, load, play etc, which is a very cumbersome ordeal when you have many, many sounds to go through, that written descriptions alone aren’t enough to tell you what the said sound is. Being able to highlight and have it autoplay would be FANTASTIC. The Cubase mediabay even lets you scale the sound by playing on your midi keyboard and with Cubase 7, using the chord track as well. If HALion could have that sort of freedom it would step it up 10 fold from where it is now.

2.) Being able to highlight a slot and play it on your controller without having to have the accompanying midi channel in Cubase highlighted as well. Currently, you can select a slot and click with your mouse on the HALion keyboard to hear it, but if you want to play it via your external controller, you can’t by simply clicking on the HALion slot itself. You must play it via the midi channel being selected in Cubase itself. I know for a fact Steinberg said they were going to work on this, but changes had to be made with how Cubase interfaces with HALion for it to work. I really hoped with Cubase 7’s release that this would be possible in HALion 5, but still no.

The above two are the biggest, absolute additions I would kill for to see in HALion to make its workflow far superior to any of the competition.

Ahh yes I think I remember that thread, (2) would be an absolute killer but I cant see that happening till Cubase 8 I guess. However I certianly think (1) could be addressed without much hassle. I’m still on the fence about H5 as I’ve not scratched the surface with H4 yet even after 2 years! Any confirmation on adding realtime previewing down the line would certainly confirm my purchase!

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