[FR] Halion/Sonic/SE Midi Learn issue.

I am currently using Halion-5 and Halion Sonic SE 3 and am trying to set up Midi CC’s on the eight Quick Control knobs.

I have 3 active slots setup, all set to the same midi number.

If I assign Midi CC’s to all 8 Quick Control knobs on all 3 Slots using Midi Learn, when I select one of the Slots and adjust the Quick Control levels using my hardware midi controller (Nektar P1), the levels of the corresponding QC knobs in the other Slots are also changed, even if they control different parameters.

This is not ideal.

What I want to be able to do is to select a given Slot and use the Quick Controls to adjust the sound of that Slot only.

I know it would be possible to use different knobs/faders on the hardware controller, but if several slots are active in Halion I would soon run out of controls.

Perhaps a better solution would be to use the same 8 knobs on the hardware controller and have an option in Halion/Sonic/SE to either transmit Quick Control changes to ALL Slots (the default) or to just a SINGLE Slot. This would also free up other knobs/faders on a controller for controlling other parameters within Halion/Sonic/SE.

Or am I missing something?