FR: Hide any elements affecting playback

So I know this can be done in Play mode, but as Dorico is a notation program, and as a composer/performer/engraver I am way more comfortable working with notation than MIDI, it would be great if there was a way to hide any notational elements that affect playback on an individual basis. As I’ve been getting into more sophisticated mockups and VST libraries, I would much rather work with notation to accomplish these effects than with MIDI. Obviously anyone coming to Dorico after primarily using a DAW will probably disagree, but I would love the ability to hide any element that can affect playback in order to have a “correct” score, but still have the desired playback.

Of course dynamics are already easy to hide. Hairpins aren’t much harder (Alpha channel 0) but you lose a signpost so they might be hard to locate again. AFAIK there’s no way to hide an articulation, is there? Alpha 0 doesn’t work on them and there’s nothing in Properties. Again, I know these can be modified in Play, I’d just much rather use notation and hide them.

For example, I did a little string quartet mockup in this thread. The original music looks like this:

To get the playback I made it look like this:

If you look at sakasuri’s better example, it has even more notation elements than mine did. The only way to currently deal with this is to have one file for display/publishing and another for playback, unless you prefer working with MIDI. As a feature request, it would be great to be able to hide any element that can have an effect on playback to more easily accommodate those of us that prefer working with notation elements.

Thanks for considering!

Thanks for the feedback. We anticipate that you would use dynamics entered in the dynamics lane in Play mode to achieve these kinds of changes in dynamic level for the purposes of playback. I realise that at the moment it can be difficult to associate a notated passage in Write mode with the piano roll in Play mode and we plan to address this in future versions (opening two windows and having one window in each mode is a good help in this direction for the time being), but this is nevertheless what we recommend.

Thanks Daniel! The dynamics and hairpins I’m ok with hiding in Write/Engrave but the note durations and playback definitions of staccato, tenuto, accents, other articulations, etc I’d really love to be able to simply hide in one way or another. I understand this playback ability is currently possible as more experienced MIDI users are fine with simply adjusting this in Play, but this capability would be really valuable for users like me (and apparently sakasuri too). I know more sophisticated mockups are more in the DAW realm, but for those of us that think in notational terms this ability would be really great.

I’ll be more explicit: we don’t plan to add options to hide dynamics in Write mode. The way in which we’ve decided to implement this functionality is to use the dynamics lane in Play mode.