FR: Hide ledger lines with Slash notation

I sometimes need to both show notes and slashes in a staff. Once Slash Notation is moved outside the staff there’s no way to hide the ledger lines as the “Hide ledger lines” setting is a property of the note. The first bar below uses Slash notation and the second uses suppressed notes with a Slash notehead. It would be nice to be able to accomplish the second bar with Slash notation.

There’s also the issue in the first bar that Dorico is aligning the ledger line with the note instead of the slash which is incorrect. It would be useful if there could be a setting to hide ledger lines with Slash notation. If that wouldn’t automatically fix the alignment, then a setting to align the noteheads with other voices (or something like a voice column index setting) would be great too. Thanks for considering!


Just to satisfy my curiosity (and allow me to “never stop learning”) what instrument would use this notation. I am guessing a keyboard (or guitar) that might be comping beneath the shown melody notes.

A soloist or accompanist that also needs a melodic cue would probably be the most common. The specific case I was dealing with today was a soloist who needs to see the exact piano voicings as the chords don’t really fit easily into standard chord symbol nomenclature.