FR: Hide "play x number of times"

I know I can drag it off the page, which I will certainly do in this instance, but it would be nice to have an option in the properties panel to simply hide an indication to “play X times”. I had to activate this property due to having three verses of text in a section and get proper playback. Obviously, with three verses it’s self evident that the section needs to be sung three times, hence the indication is totally unnecessary.

As an aside, another FR is to be able to change “play” to “sing” or add some other custom text for this object. It doesn’t make sense to tell singers to “play” a section 3 times, although in certain cases it might make very good sense to tell them to “sing” it three times.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 10.05.06 AM.png

If it’s unnecessary, turn off the text indication in Engraving Options.

Likewise you can set a custom repeat count prefix and suffix in Engraving Options.

Unless I’m missing something?

I confess, I forgot to check engraving options (silly me). This is perhaps only the second time I’ve ever needed to use this. Your solution works in this case, although it wouldn’t help if the score had instruments and singers (beyond the generic “x3”). Most of the other items that are editable this way are so directly from within the properties panel in engrave mode hence my confusion. Perhaps this is one of those little details that Dorico is famous for… everyone else gets a play marking whilst singers get “sing” and all you did was activate the multi-repeats function.

Nevertheless, thanks for your help; the option to hide all together takes care of me for this project. (Although I still think a local option to hide would be prudent.)

Agreed. I only recalled this because I too am using this function for the first time (Vamps and Safeties and repeats, oh my!).