FR: Improve Automation Paste (see picture)

Hello all,

What happens now:
(when pasting automation)

What I want to happen:

I want the red dots to STAY highlighted, so I can move JUST what I pasted. My goal here is to easily make it “fit” into the existing data, without it having weird jumps. For a cello, such a jump is weird. If I’m being a crazy idealist (which of course, I am) then I want to move the first automation track’s pasted data… THEN be able to move the second track, and third, and fourth… without having to do 4 paste actions.

That’s a little weird, I know. SO, would it be possible to just have a paste mode (like “paste special”) where it tries to make the same dynamic SHAPE fit within the existing dynamic levels of that instrument? Point is, I want a crescendo/diminuendo… but I want it RELATIVE to the instrument’s current dynamic volume. At minimum, I want the paste to keep my one lane’s dots highlighted. But for a workflow experience that would just make life a lot easier, I’d really prefer a special way to paste it. Honestly, it’s the only way I’d ever paste if that existed. So, perhaps a DEFAULT paste mode as well? This is me NOT trying to sound like a needy customer. :smiley:


A note on my “paste special” mentality. If that route were possible, I’d want it to 1) not add that first red dot AFTER a white dot. I’d want the red dot to just start where the existing dynamic is… and 2) the second red dot should SET the new dynamic. The simplest answer to that is to have the curve’s value range (or dynamic range here) be the same exact size. But if I were coding this for myself… I’d want it to average out in a way. So if the first instrument went from 100 to 30… and the second instrument was already at a 70. I wouldn’t want the paste to make it 70 to 0, but 70 to either 30 or 15 or something. I’m not entirely certain as this doesn’t exist yet.

But the point is, what I REALLY want here is for Cubase to be a bit more “musically contextual” instead of “here’s a bunch of RAW data to refine each point with scalpel like precision”. I want the program to do a bit for me. Is that lazy? Not when I’m copy pasting constantly across an entire film score template… over… and over… and over. This is just meant to be a massive time saver for me.