[FR] improve BOUNCE SELECTION options to improve ARA

I have a suggestion to improve how ARA is currently functioning in Nuendo. specifically for Dialogue editing worflows in which it would be speedier to process the results of ARA on clips like DOP but still retain the event splits and handles for possible further editing etc. Render in place is not really bouncing separate events when they are glued together as far as I can tell, so I’m thinking if Bounce selection had a few extra options, maybe in preferences or upon executing a command., such as

  1. Bounce Entire selection or Clip by clip (like in PT) this way we can select a bunch of events and bounce them down and still retain all of the splits, instead of everything being glued together.
  2. ADD handles or tail to the bounce selection - This would be invaluable for dialogue editing, especially if processing something with spectral layers and then a further edit or crossfade is required
  3. Retain Metadata, it would be incredible if the bounce can retain the metadata, or at least have some naming options, instead of just taking the name of the track.

Hope these are really considered and may at least be a quick way to make working with ARA better and more practical as now its not great, otherwise being able to render them to DOP would be the way (which I assume is more complex to program). Thanks