FR: Improvement for rest placement

The default rest placement in this example is not really great (see picture).
I had to adjust most of them manually. Took a bit of time.

I would appreciate, if the rest placement for two voices in a staff would be more powerful through:

  1. More options to control the placement (like position all rest for one voice on the same height in a bar or a system).
  2. Shortcuts to adjust the placement of rests directly, without having to go to the properties panel.
  3. Adjusting the rests from the place where they are positioned and don’t jump to zero position, when the property is enabled.

I agree that the results in your example are not idea. I’d also appreciate if there was an option to align 8th and 16th rests across the bar (left hand, measure 3, for example). I don’t like it when the rests of a voice don’t line up unless there’s a really good reason due to a particular note’s range.

I agree, especially that manual positioning resets the vertical positioning to zero, whereas what is usually needed is a small nudge. Perhaps there could also be a special setting for a minimum distance between a rest in one voice and a note in another.

Thanks for the new options to place rests in Dorico 5. My example looks much more pleasing now: