FR: Invert Phase Buttons on Tracks, etc.

Feature Request(s):

  1. Invert Phase Buttons on Tracks.
  2. Record Arm buttons on tracks.
  3. Live Record waveform display on tracks.
  4. Ability to Record and punch in and out on tracks using only the transport panel, without the Record window open.

Regarding the first request, I often have to check null and degree of null between 4 or 5 montage tracks, each having up to 10 clips, aligned. The fastest way to do it now is to load a Stereo Tools plugin on one of the tracks I want to compare and invert the phase. But sometimes I need to compare montage track 2 and 4, instead of 1 and 3. Etc, in any different combination. Anyway, having to load/unload, load/unload the plugin gets very old very quickly. Having to use a plugin at all to do this gets very cumbersome. So I’d like to request a phase invert button on every track, like Cubase and Reaper. It would make this totally simple to do.

That would be a neat little feature indeed!

thanks da goose.

One more:
Monitor (i/o) buttons on tracks. Like Cubase.


Phase reverse buttons on each montage track, and ability to have montage tracks skip the montage output effects would make for very quick/easy null testing of renders for plugin issues or other issues during rendering.

Polarity invert, that is.

Thanks Justin. I remember your request for this. I don’t use the Montage Output so don’t need the Output bypass, but you certainly would if you use it, so +1 to that.

I would just need or use the Phase Invert buttons on the tracks, because I null all sorts of stages of different files for different reasons.

Alvaras, I still don’t really grasp the difference, so that’s on me, and it might even be debatable, or polarity invert might be more correct (?). But I’m pretty sure the buttons are called Phase in Wavelab, Cubase, and Reaper. Unless the wording is also about invert or reverse.

Phase reverse or phase invert would be the better term, since the argument can be made that an AC signal has no polarity but only Neutral and Phase. Where DC has a (+) pole and a (-) pole, so it does have polarity.

In the end, it’s semantics in the scope of this topic.

Yes, I was just continuing to use the same terminology to keep it simple. I think everybody knows what Bob is asking and is in agreement that it would be nice to have added.

Phase is a waveform’s position in time (especially relative to another waveform).

Polarity is a waveform’s correspondence to its acoustic equivalent in terms of positive and negative air pressure. It’s not semantics. It’s physics. Little that I know of it being a musician.

Is this a reasonable explanation?

Somebody labeled it Phase years ago and it’s just stuck? Wavelab, Cubase, and Reaper do label it Phase last time I looked.

Yes, phase is about positioning audio events in time (think of sub alignment, linear- vs minimum-phase EQs, phaser FXs, etc.). And polarity, which is the object of this discussion, is something else.

Well, if you really want to argue: Any audio is an AC electrical signal before it enters an AD converter, or leaves a DA converter. Being an electrical engineer as well as a musician, I try to use the correct terms for the correct type of signal, and AC has no polarity - only Phase and Neutral. The phase line of an Alternating Current signal holds the changing (alternating) voltage between a positive and negative value, with reference to the neutral line. Don’t DIY on your home electrical system if you’re not aware of this concept.

On an analog mixer, the ‘phase button’ simply reverses the two wires coming into a channel, hence the neutral wire and phase wire are reversed. So the term phase as it is used here didn’t come from the time difference between two signals, but simply from the reversal of the two wires coming into a mixer channel. ‘Polarity’ refers to a DC electrical signal, which has a plus pole and a minus pole. Since many don’t know the difference between AC and DC, they call the two wires of any electrical signal plus and minus, and therefor any reversal of two wires a polarity change. For this discussion: semantics - the wires are reversed.

And track meter metering input when recording on that track, or monitor i/o set for input, like in the other programs.

So youre telling me I spent all day looking for a way to reverse polarity/phase in Cubase le9 so I could decode mid side stereo recording and that button doesn’t exist??