[FR] Invoke caret by modifier + mouseclick

I am not aware of any possibility to change the standard behavior of double clicking to invoke the caret at a rhythmic grid position.
In the current way, I need to be really careful not to accidentally hit a note, or since I am clumsy with the mouse, move to another staff (often by scrolling) just to be sure to hit the grid. Especially with double clicking, the first click can move the mouse a bit making it likely for me to hit a note on the second.

It would be easier for me instead to for example hold down ctrl (or any other free modifier combination) and click once.


I like the idea, but shift, alt, and ctrl/cmd are all taken.

That’s true, I forgot that ctrl-click is taken too on Mac. Probably any combination? Ctrl+alt-Click? They lay close.

One option would be to get a mouse with a third, middle button (less common these days). Some mice allow you to program this button and you could set it as a double-click if it isn’t already by default.


This isn’t the point of your request, but this is one of the things I love about using a trackball. You can take your hand off the ball entirely and click to your heart’s content, and it won’t move the cursor.


Man after my own heart:

Now if only you had a place to sit where you could reach all that. :grinning:

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Admittedly, the mixer is a bit of a stretch, but I’m usually standing when I’m making my recordings, so it’s no problem. (The whole thing is a giant L-shaped standing desk.) I also have the keyboard tray indented a little under the desk.

I could buy all sorts of fancy equipment to facilitate things, but in the end I am writing a lot when traveling with mostly nothing but my laptop’s trackpad – and if there would be a possibility for Dorico to implement this, I’d happily safe the bucks for the needed upgrade :wink:

I would hardly qualify a standard mouse with the middle button as “fancy equipment” but point taken.

Scroll wheels double as a middle button.

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I didn’t want to appear snappy, I am sorry. But my point was that often all I have is a trackpad.

Not at all! That’s why I said, “point taken”.

If you’re on a Mac, couldn’t you rig something with Keyboard Maestro? One of the things I have found helpful is mapping the Caps Lock to be the same as pressing Shift+Control+Options+Command - this opens up a lot more key combos. So you could put together a macro in KM

Old keyboards used to have a “hyper” key that did the same thing. I know modern keyboard enthusiasts regret its suppression.

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Is that like this?