[FR] KC for open/close inserts

I’d like to be able to open and close insert plugs remotely with my controller. when I’m in the mixing mindset, it’s one of the few times I still need to reach for the mouse. There’s a command for close, why not open?

On my controller (SmartAV Tango) there is a single touch-screen button called ‘Window’ - If I press it once the selected plugin window will open. If I press it again the plugin window will close.

lucky duck

i’m a mackie guy and am currently putting money into extenders. Would love to be able to map a key command.

I’ve heard some interesting ideas using touch screen monitors though. I might explore that.

I have a touch screen and couldn’t live without it.

You can assign a KC to this:
Mixer > Windows:close all plugins
I have this to a button on my ID console too - invaluable time saver.

Hey neil, yeah I have the close all plugs set up… just nothing to open them.

When I’m all hands on and tweeking knobs… it’d be nice to just hit a button instead of going to the keyboard and mouse.

hate that

So what do I need to know about touchscreens?

I’m liking this idea more and more.

Should I get one with a stylus?

can it run at a different rez than my main monitor?

I’m picturing something small like 12-13in but 21-24 seems to be similarly priced here and there. I’m open to ideas

I have a Nvidia GTS450 card with two dvi’s only using one right now to feed my 60in at 1920x1080

I have a 15" resistive and I use a stylus with it. There is a pic of the setup on my website in the studio section.
The 15" is just a tad too small… 17" or larger would be my suggestion. A 12-13" would not have enough pixels.

As far as resolution differences… You need to use a program like ultramon to resample you desktop to make it fit on a screen running on a lower resolution unless the video card can do it these days which I doubt because I just got a new graphics card at the end of last year and it doesn’t. Ultramon’s resampling will appear a bit “foggy” and it does take up processor power, which may be of no concern. I used to clone using ultramon but now I just extend the desktop and pull plugin guis, have marker and automation panes over to it.

With a daw app, a touch screen that uses a stylus is key for precision button/knob pushing/adjusting… holding shift key for the finer adjustments. A capacitive touch without a stylus would be less precise for gui adjustments and you would be cleaning the screen a lot.

Oh, with styluses: Get stainless steel shank ones. You will find that you store it in your mouth as you work instead of setting it down. Also get two of them and make sure they are larger ones so it’s harder to lose em! :smiley:

You can open/close plugins via MIDI-Controller without any problem. Next to my Mackie, I have an additional generic MIDI-Controller for things like that, where I have set up 8 Buttons to open/close the 8 inserts, so I even do not have to select them in edit-window before.

Hi !

you may even do it directly with the Mackie controller’s Vpots in ceetain modes (in insert mode and master mode it is particularly convenient). It requires some GR programming. When I’m back home, I’ll give a link to a GR script I made some time ago. It was for the BCF 2000 but it works with an MCU.

Basically, once set-up, each Vpot opens/closes the corresponding insert slot of a selected track (Vpot 1 for effect inserted in slot 1 and so on).


How are you doing that with the midi controller? How does A get to B? I can’t seem to find the open close settings.

Using the vpots seems ideal too, I’m interested in that

Sweet!, I got this to work with an old faderport

ditched the faderport DLL and connected it as generic…

24 buttons a fader and a pot all assignable


I’m still really interested in being able to use the pots buttons to do this though.

Hi !

Download this file and unzip it. Then, add a Generic Remote peripheral, choose your MCU as MIDI input and nothing as output, import the xml file and off you go.

Just one thing that you’ll have to do : when you add tracks, assignments in the GR scripts get shifted. There is a line in the script called MasterButton : in the bottom part, device column, choose “audio out”. This is to autoselect the master when you go into master mode. And, each time you’ll add a track, it will be shifted and you’ll have to reassign it. It is not a big problem because you’ll mainly use this to mix at the end of your project.

If you have difficulties, do not hesitate.

As a side question. With your MCU, if you press shift + master, do you have access to Q controls ? I’ve been using a brand new controller from iCON for a few months and there are very interesting modes I can access with it and I don’t remember having seen those when I had an MCU at disposal

MC_GR_english.zip (710 Bytes)