FR:Key commands- pls make every toggled state its own separate key command and also the option to always work globally

Please give the option to have separate key commands for a specific state of any toggled key command. For example, give separate key commands for each of the three select tool options, or for each of the grid types, for turning the grid on and off. The fact that I can’t set a key command to just give me the plain old select tool without the other two pitch shifting etc options drives me insane!

Also, I use certain commands like the arrow keys for moving around the project (moving forward and back one bar with the arrow right and arrow left, and setting and going to left locator with up and down). It drives me crazy that I can’t set those keys globally to work the same in any window - years ago it was that way. Now, when I’m in the mixer, the arrow keys move left and right in the mixer (which I never use) with the option to change it. Please give the option to make any key command global in all windows.

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If I may add to be even more clear;

There are also cases where I as a user want a certain thing to happen and I want to use a key command to trigger it. But because of the way many of us work we want to have our eyes in one place and simply use tactile feedback to trigger this, so we actually don’t want to look at what the current “status” is - we just want to make sure what we need is selected.

And in addition to that I also agree with making commands global. It drove me nuts that not only are (or were) some commands only available on the mix page, but as pointed out some are also different on different pages. Heck, it’s also annoying when having to first tab to a particular ‘pane’ or ‘section’ in order to trigger a function.

I’ve barked up this tree for years and as I mentioned previously I find it a bit… frustrating that some of the absolute best concepts in Nuendo really are either half-finished, or regress (get less good). To me this is an area where improved commands and macros would make the DAW significantly better in every day operation.


+1 million… again…

Yes, please.

And there are Generic Remote commands that only work if a certain window is selected.

Editor, Show Lanes, Zoom Full, etc. etc.
All of the previous only do anything in the Project Window so there is no conflict.


My thoughts exactly. +another million


+1 !

+1000 !!!

For example, why do my KC’s for “expand/collapse” racks in the mixer only work when the window focus is on the mixer ???

there are tons of examples like this !


The opposite would also be nice.
Single action functionality so you can be certain without checking a status indicator of how the status is set. And of course they should be global and not focus dependant.


It would also be great if all key commands where accessible through drop down menu. It’s only a selection that is so right now.
This is especially practical when automating things, but would also be a faster way to search for a command, rather then having to open the key command window and adding a trigger, you could just go to Help -> Search -> the name of the command and enter!

I actually think that’s what we’re all sayin :slight_smile:

Cool i misread the first post.
Yep we all want the same thing.
I read it as the OP wanted toggles for everything, but that was incorrect on my part.

Yes, yes, YES!!! My wishes are the same!


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I would say, we want all functions separate plus toggles, and all of them global that is.

Toggles are still good for reducing the amount of shortcuts, and easier to remember.
Why would one need separate keycommands for Video Edit mode for example? It is evident from the cursor shape.

They did it!!! Cubase 10.5 has optional separate key commands for the different select tools and for snap on and snap off. So happy.