[FR] Key Commands to activate mixer sections

Key Commands/Eucon commands to “activate” Mix Console sections WITHOUT having to click on them first with the mouse in order to use any Mix Console key commands.
Having to click on a Mix Console section with the mouse in order to use key commands for that section, interrupts workflow when using hardware controllers like an MC Control for example.

If we had key commands to activate the mixer sections, then we could program the keys on an MC Control or any other controller, so that we could execute them no matter where the “focus” or “active” window is in Nuendo.


I haven’t gotten to setting up KC’s yet. I probably will this week if I find time.

Is this for real? You have to select a section before using the KC? What the heck? Might as well just keep using the mouse/trackball at that point…

Absolutely feels like I’m doing way more clicking around in this version. At least so far.

Yes it is for real.
You have to make the Mix Console “active” in order to use any key commands associated to it.
So that means if you are working on the project page and want to use the key command to expand the inserts on the mix console, you have to click on the mixer window, WITH THE MOUSE, in order to execute the key command, even though you have a shortcut key on your MC Control that says “expand inserts”.
We need a key command to activate the window, so we can program macros and not have to click with mouse.


That’s crap! Mouse-Clicking is needed for the use of shortcuts… For me it more and more seems like we got a Nuendo which is supporting Nuage. Not a Nuage which is supporting Nuendo.

I disagree strongly! We do not need to program macros, we need the old functionality, which we lost through the update. I will not program an “activate mixer” command in front of every other mixer-command. That also would mean to program a “activate editwindow” in front of every edit-command for going on…

EDIT: It occurred to me after writing the stuff below that I don’t know if the key commands are exclusive in addition to windows having to be made active. In other words - can one key have different functions depending on which window is active, or does it always have the same function but just doesn’t work when window isn’t active?

I can actually see the point in having to program a “activate window” macro by making “activate window” a key command-able function, believe it or not. For example:

Suppose we have one set of key commands active for Nuendo. Let’s also assume we’re working with dialog (or sound) editing and use left hand only for keyboard commands and right hand for track-balling. On my split ergonomic keyboard my left hand covers 29 keys, plus the modifiers ALT, CTRL and SHIFT. This may seem as a massive amount of combinations since you can combine the modifiers as well, but when you divide all of those over the entire software and consider the workflow of different tasks, i.e. dialog editing versus sound design versus mixing versus recording etc, it can actually be limiting.

In addition, when you set up key commands you can use a “logic” for the layout. So that you can map it according to what is easy to remember rather than where there are “available keys” if you know what I mean.

A concrete example would be mapping key commands to increase volume of selected clip when in the project window, but allowing that same keys to increase volume of fader when in the mixer.

Well you can’t assign a key to more than one key command, so it has only one function, it just does not work if the mixer window is not “active”
For example, my MC Control keys for the mixer “do nothing” unless the mixer window is “active”. The same is true for any key command.

Ah. Well then it’s just plain stupid.

I could totally see how it would make sense if you had a key available per window. Then you’d effectively multiply the amount of key commands available, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

There used to be a mixer to front command. Unfortunately it’s been removed.
Not beeing able to access these great new keycommands without the mixer window beeing active is indeed a bad implementation that just have to be fixed.
Personally I’d like to get unique keycommands for copy and paste of the individual sections and full channel as well.

+1 again


I think we lost this fight people.
This has been discussed and fought over since the key commands
went screwy. Since the Cubase 7/Nuendo 6 release.

How does it work in Nuage? Probably just the way it should huh?
Sucks for the rest of us. I mean the majority of us.

My work around:

Control + Tab: This is a windows shortcut that will bring the next open window into focus.
If you only have the project window and the mixer window open,
it will work like the old “Mixer to front” key command.
If more windows are open it will cycle through them.

I use 4, sometimes 8 mixer configurations per project.
These are all assigned KCs.
So a quick “Control+Tab” and then hitting the mixer configuration gets me where I need to be.
Almost as fast as it used to be.


You can make a macro that calls the mixer twice in a row.
The 1st one will close it and the second will open it in focus.
I tried this for a minute but I settled with the above procedure.