[FR]: Keyswitches To Lyrics

Hello dear Dorico team,
There are, on the market, many phrase and wordbilder based choral libraries like:
Strezov Sampling - Rhodope Bulgarian Ethnic Choir, East West - Symphonic Choirs and Hollywood Choirs,
8Dio - Requiem Pro, Impact Soundworks - Vocalisa, Soundiron - Voices Of Rapture, Cinesamples - Voxos,
Fluffy Audio - Dominus… etc.
Would be really great if add an option to assign keyswitches to the lyrics, in order the changing of the text, to trigger
switching of the choral sounds. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

I have SoundIron’s Requiem Light library, which has seven different vowels, each of which can be triggered by keyswitches. I made Performance Techniques that triggered each vowel, and I applied them to each word.

Needless to say, it sounds very silly.

…and they’re all lame for anything less than muddy underscore choral textures, I’m sorry to say. I’ve been investigating it, and the most realistic one is Hollywood by EW… and it take a ton of work. As in, hours of work per system of music. You can’t just type stuff in. Even then, the final result is simply not realistic. And I’ve heard some of the most well-done examples that are out there.

I hope that’ll change soon, but at present, the realistic-word-builder market is pretty amusing to listen to.

I’m not trying to be contrary, I just think this sort of thing (plug-and-play) is still years away. EW Symphonic choirs came out in, what, 2005? And the technology seems to have improved little since then. When it’s viable, I’ll sell a kidney to buy it.

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I have to agree with Dan for the word builders. Though the pre recorded phrases and words in something Voices of the Empire are clear. They are just limited to those few phrases or words.

But if I understand you right, its possible “sorta” to do what you are asking for - not WB but with those prebuilt words and phrases. I stole a convention to use tilde for non musical playback techniques that only make sense to a particular VST. You don’t have to follow that of course, just might keep things clear.

Anyway, you could create a textual PT like ~Ah or ~Oh or ~Deux Machina or whatever fits your lib above the staff.

I have Yamaha’s VOCALOID 5 (not a plug-in that would work with Dorico) and it is not ready for prime time.
The best I can say is that for some purposes it’s better than my singing–

–sometimes. :confused:

Hello dear colleagues,
Yes, I agree that the wordbilders need more improvements, and the choirs still doesn’t sound properly. One day, probably, it would happen to have nice virtual choirs… :slight_smile: Until then would be nice if we have some easy and faster way to assign keyswitches to the lyrics, just in order to something more than Oh, Oo, Ah, Eh…something that would sound like sentence. This is achievable with the products we already have on the market.
Especially if the choir is part of an orchestral piece.
For the purposes of a good sounding demo, we don’t need pretty clear and decent sounding choir library.

Best wishes,