FR: Link PBD and order of dots

I don’t think this has been requested, but it constantly trips me up.

I often toggle between pitch-first and duration-first, using K. The thing is that I always want to change the order of operation for dotted notes accordingly:

What happens is I change using K, but forget to switch the other in Preferences. It sounds dumb (and it is), but it happens constantly. I’d like to request the ability to link the behavior of the second option to the behavior of K. Thanks for considering.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure about linking the two together, and adding an option to link them together also seems pretty perverse, but maybe we could add another command that you could use to toggle the before/after note behaviour? Or perhaps other users feel the way you do. I’d be interested to hear.

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The ability to link the changes, if only via options that could be linked, say, in a StreamDeck routine or the like, would be useful.

Thanks for considering, Daniel. Sure, a key command would set me up nicely!

FWIW, I feel the same way as Dan. I use pitch-first 99% of the time now, but a dot really is part of the duration. If I’m entering using duration-first, the duration should include a dot if one exists. It’s not a very common occurrence for me personally, but I too think it makes sense to have some sort of option to link these settings so they can be switched with a single key.

I agree that it makes sense for these behaviors to be optionally linked. It’s hard for me to imagine wanting to input a dot, then pitch, then duration, for example.

Duration, dot, pitch makes sense.
Pitch, duration, dot makes sense.

Dot, pitch, duration does not.

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And not to be overly pedantic, but the only issue here for me is rhythm dots. I don’t care about accidentals, as I always either input using MIDI, or after inputting the note, I use Alt-Shift-arrow. And I personally don’t input articulations as I input. So I can’t speak to workflow involving these.

I can see how this could get in the UI weeds pretty quickly… I just think, as James stated quite succinctly, that dots belong with duration.

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I too had thought about wanting some sort of input style macros/presets in order to change a few of these settings at once (if we’re trying to gauge support for such an ability). It turned out to be moot for me personally, since I ended up not liking the working of “dots/accidentals after the note” (so I just use “before” for both), but I still totally see it as potentially useful.

It’s worth pointing out though, that with “pitch before duration” and “dots, etc. before note” on at the same time, one doesn’t need to input a dot before the pitch (that is, no “dot, pitch, duration” necessary). It just goes in as “pitch, dot, duration,” which is not unlike “dot, duration, pitch” when Dorico’s original defaults “duration before” and “dots, etc. before,” are both on. It works decently well and is logically consistent.

I suppose I would say that I with wish “dots/accidentals after” worked somewhat differently (in which case I would switch to that for both pitch or duration first), but that’s a different conversation, and the main request in this thread would still be moot for me, lol. (But I still think it’s a good idea!)