FR:load Acoustic drum element from list

add feature to choose and load individual acoustic drum elements from included drumset and purchased acoustic drumset.
basically like in most drum VSTi like superior drummer etc… one can choose and load different snare kick etc…
in GA5 update of course and not in GA6 in 4 years :wink:
also would be nice if you make single acoustic drum available to purchase,for example list of snares,kick,crash,toms etc from steinberg shop

+1 This is an absolutely required feature: without it, the whole acoustic agent is completely devaluated!

It’s also overdue to get some more basic information about the kits which have been sampled, like in any other sampled drum library.

Completely agree with previous writer!! A drum plug that just play randomly choosen samples like this is just sad, and an insult to Steinberg customers I think! If other Steinberg products is built on the same logics, I think it best to stay out…