FR: local adjustment of altered bass in chord symbols

I would really appreciate the ability to set this chord symbol property locally:

I prefer Linear as a general global option, but it’s nice to be able to switch to Diagonal when space is tight.

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I’d like to see this too. Additionally, I’d like to see some alignment options accompany this as well. The standard Linear alignment looks fine.

Once you switch to Diagonal or Stacked there are alignment differences between Page and Galley. Here’s Page (which obviously is what will be output):

and here’s Galley:

I remember someone else requesting this previously, but personally I prefer the centered Galley alignment over the baseline of Page. If Dan’s request is to be implemented it would be nice if an alignment setting could accompany it too.

I’ve made a note of the request to make it possible to change the arrangement of the altered bass note on a per-chord symbol basis for future consideration.