FR: lyric edits preserve lyric properties

I feel vaguely like this came up previously, though I can’t find it.

I’d like to request, please, that small edits to syllables do not reset the lyric’s offsets (or for that matter, any properties, including italics). Editing lyrics constitutes a massive part of my workflow (of course I know this isn’t true for everyone). And I’ve often spent so much time making adjustments, which are subsequently lost when any edits have to be made.

I was thinking perhaps one way to distinguish whether to reset or not would be whether the popover is closed using Enter (or Spacebar), or simply by clicking off. Perhaps the former could reset, and the latter keep the existing properties.

I think I would pay for an update several times over just for this feature!! :money_mouth_face:

You last mentioned it here, I think: Simple (?) feature request(s) - Edit Line of Lyrics expansion - #2 by dankreider

The big one for me is italics - I definitely agree with the FR :slight_smile:

Oops. Sorry Daniel, I did search… maybe a sign I’m posting too much. :nerd_face:

Edit: definitely related, but not exactly the same. Most edits for me are in the score directly.

Ah. I misunderstood. I suspect it comes down to the same thing, though, which is that both the popover and the Edit Line of Lyrics dialog replace the existing lyric(s) with entirely new lyric(s).

No doubt Daniel will be along to clarify at some point.

It is indeed the case that all edits to lyrics replace the existing lyrics. I agree that Dorico should try to preserve the existing properties on a lyric when editing them. I’ll make a note to try and bump that up the priority list for investigation.


Many thanks, Daniel!