FR: Lyric Extender Line Tucking Under " marks

Good morning,
Now that lyric spacing can ignore punctuation marks—a feature that I am absolutely LOVING—I would like to make one additional request in this regard, namely: that lyric extender lines tuck under apostrophes and quotations that occur at the end of the lyric. Here’s the current behavior:

But I think that this would look better in most circumstances (at least with the fonts I use):

Zoomed in for detail doesn’t always give the best impression, so her it is in context before:

and after:

At least to my eye, it seems odd to have a noticeable white gap after only one lyric due to this floating punctuation. (This particular case is a bit odd due to the manner of the repeated lines, but it is much more obvious in cases where the verses are only one line and much closer together.

As an aside:

I suppose this could be some typography faux-pas of which I’m unaware… so I’m open to hearing other’s opinions in this regard, as to whether or not this is good practice. Paging @benwiggy @dan_kreider

I am normally quite sensitive to these kinds of spacing issues, but this one doesn’t bother my eye. I do, however, like a slightly bigger gap before an extender line than the default (about 3/8 sp).

From a tech perspective, I wonder whether it is possible for Dorico to do its actual-glyph-outline sensing in this context rather than the usual character set-width.

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