[FR] Media bay - drag and drop to desktop\folder\other apps

Title says it all.

Yes, but why only Media Bay and not also clips from the project window…

I just want to use it as a search engine with protools when I do protools work. I have sound miner… but no rewire support for PC to monitor in PT is a pain in the butt.

I’ve got eyes on basehead and will pick it up if they ever add vst plug support

For now when I have to do this, I have PT on the main Asio outs… nuendo on alt asio outs… I find the file I want and drop it into nuendo… make edits, fx… whatever… bounce to disk where I bring it into protools. Or, if it’s a sequence of events. I work it in nuendo, bounce all the files and AAF the sqequence to protools. That is actually faster when there is a lot to do.

If I could drag it all over that’d be sweet, but I’m not going to hold my breath. That doesn’t sound like simple coding to me