[FR] Mix Console Inspector


With the control room mixer often occupying space on the right of the Mix Console, wouldn’t it be great if this space could also switch to an inspector, that contains all the elements of the Chennel Settings window.

In effect, it would be great to have a permanently docked Channel Settings window up all the time. The Control Room mixer in its new form could offer a third tab, wherein such a “channel inspector” could be designed to reside.

My thinking is that however brilliantly or otherwise the various control elements of the mix console are designed (sends levels, routing, etc etc ext) they are always going to be compromised by space.

The new “horizontal” approach to faders for sends, studios (sorry, cues) would fit in nicely there too.

I find myself constantly investing in extra displays, and even with two 30 inchers and a third at 23 inches, I still can’t find a goddam (sorry, let’s read that as “solid”) place to put the channel settings window!!

It would be joy to click a channel and instantly see EVERYTHING about it (user customisable of course).

Anyone else thinking like me?

PS N6 is growing and growing on me.

Yet another tab in Contol Room?

Sign me OUT!

How about just making the pane you talk about another thing that is selectable in the upper left corner (whatever it’s called) where you select the layout of your mixer window? It could be an additional option to the panes available instead of becoming more crap tacked onto what’s already there.

Or how about making the channel edit window (whatever it’s called) - the one you access by hitting the “e” key - floating and responding to selected track? You could park that thing on your 23-incher (hi Freud) and as soon as you select a track it’d update to whatever was selected, again optional in preferences…?

PS. On second thought I have to admit that I hate the Control Room GUI so incredibly much at this point that soiling it further with more tabs wouldn’t make a difference actually. Two tabs… Five… Who cares? We’re already tabbing more than we have to.

I’m trying to make suggestions - not design the thing.
Sure - a pane would be a better option.