FR: Mode listed in window description

I’ve just discovered that Metagrid Pro can respond to window changes in a program. To make use of this with Dorico, it would be really helpful if the mode that the project is currently in is listed in the window title eg “Flow title in project title - Write” etc

For some reason Cmd+n is always my go to way of switching modes (rather than selecting the mode in Metagrid, which changes its state) and so it would be useful in this case.

EDIT: I’m unaware if if the window title needs to match precisely or if a keyword is enough.

We built the Remote Control API in Dorico 4 for tools like Metagrid. It would be worth following up with the good people at Metasystem about their plans for supporting the Remote Control API, as the API provides a programmatic way for Metagrid to know what window mode Dorico is currently in.