FR: More Cues Sends

I’ve been asking this for years (for more than 4 Cue Sends), since version 3 maybe. For multiple ISDN and Source Connect connections, a phone patch for the client in their office, and a headphone mix or two, 4 is just too few. kindly… PLEASE!!! :smiley:

Never gonna happen. Paternal Steinberg knows best. You only need four because Daddy Steiny says you only need four. I share your position and frustration. But I’ve given up. I now use Pro Tools when Nuendo is too stupid and vice versa.


Me too. Timo once said it was on the list, but nothing happened. Steinberg just don’t really seem to care about user requests.

Long, long, long overdue.

I wouldn’t disagree, although it’s limitation just isn’t a problem for me personally.
But you do realise that any program with a wide and diverse user base will have a HUGE list of feature requests.
I would guess its probably in the thousands of requests.
Someone has to prioritise and decide to do the following or not to do so at a specific time.
Specify how it will change and what the required outcome is, determine if it is a simple or complex task, plan what version it fits best into, assign a developer who again has to asses risk and if the alloyed dev time is sufficient to complete the job, and then eventually some time down the road actually develop it, test it and finally release it.

When you consider the development process in this way you understand that some features just does not reach high enough in priority to actually get implemented.
All the while the user thinks “this is an easy fix, why has IT not been implemented yet”.

I personally have many other requests that would be much higher on my priority list than more cue sends. That is certain.

Oh, does PT even have cue sends? I can’t remember. Isn’t it just the regular sends that are used?

PT has no cue sends…

And Nuendo will get more cue sends during the N8 life cycle according to Timo. Good news for you guys.

Agree! 6 or 8 Cues would be awesome.