[FR] More Real-time Preview Options In MediaBay

I would like to have a slider for speed and a button for reverse in MediaBay. In sound design for games I often slow down sounds, or reverse them. But I can only do it once I dragged the audio in and processed it. Then I need to delete it again if the sound doesn’t work. It would be nice if I could do these basic tasks from within MediaBay and only import sounds that sound OK slowed down or reversed (depending what I’m looking for). It would save many clicks and time.

It would also be nice to have a special channel where you could add insert FX. This way it would even save more time. One could already listen to sounds with a desired effect chain applied and make decisions even faster. Like in AudioFinder or Soundminer.

Suggestion: Add tape speed option and reverse to MediaBay to quickly listen to sounds slowed down or sped up, or reversed. Also, route MediaBay output to a special, dedicated channel in the mixer where users can insert VST effects to process sounds while previewing!

(I had this request in a monolithic request post but I realized nobody could comment sensibly in any way so I broke it out. Maybe I’ll see that way what makes sense and people +1 and what doesn’t make sense. Sorry for the hassle.)


+1 and even +1 again !!!

and i would add a “loop cycle” with locators…that would be so nice (especially for people doing oldschool hiphop and sampling…

So be able to speed up or down and audio, to reverse it…and place locators to have a loop…

(but since i see how requests are takien from Steinberg, i think we could start dreaming bout those being implement in the version 12.5 of cubase)

PS: Is AbletonLive doing this ? (cause i believe Live is kinda the nex industry standard)

What exactly do you mean by Loop Cycle? Because there are options to loop in Media Bay.

In the arrange window, you can add a cycle region and play samples selected in the Media Bay. You can align the beats of your projects to the beats of the sample in the Media Bay and sync tempo, while you play your song in the arrange window. You can also sync playback so the sample selected in Media Bay only plays when you hit play in the arrange window.

In the Media Bay, where you see the wave form, when you drag with the mouse somewhere in the upper half of the wave display, you can create a cycle marker and also enable cycle mode so only this part of the Media Bay wave plays.

With all these options, you can, I think, do what you’re looking for. Play your song, select a part in a Media Bay wave, play those in sync, loop and so on, to your heart’s content. Check it out! Just play with the buttons just above the waveform display in Media Bay. There you have “Preview Cycle”, “Align Beats to Project” and “Wait For Project Play”.

Is it this what you mean?

Sorry didnt had the chance to try this yet…I’ll be soon in the studio, I’ll check that and will tell you if it worked for me!

THX !!!

thats exactly what im trying to do…say i wanna loop a 5s of a 5mn wav…but i wanna preview it in a loop. so i gotta click my mouse at “sample start” when i hear that its the end to aprox hear what i could do when looped.

so i tried to make a “loop markjer” inside the mediabay…but no.
and now you told me i can do it, so i went back in mediabay, on the preview waveform, and tried whatever i could to make that cycle locators to appear…BUT NOTHING (though when i move thje mouse near the top i see, like in the arranger window when you deactivate the cycle, a grey cycle bar)

damn why cant i make a small loop portion inside a bigger preview wave file in madiabay…im sad if you can do it and i cant LOL

PS: a zoom in the preview of mediabay could be usefull too (especially if we can set loop locators for the preview



Yes please, and also to improve how to handle multichannel files (mini mixer?) when importing media.


Sounds like a good idea.

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yes sir, this would be great.

Also if there isn’t a way already but including a monitor specifically for the media bay in the control room so we can both audition at a defined level and add plugin inserts to try effects on the fly to see how things can sound, etc


thanks for making this thread !

does anyone found the way to insert FX to mediabay’s output via control room ?
it seems possible but i can’t find how ?

Yes please! And additionally a leg picker for importing just the selected channels in a multichannel file :slight_smile:

+1 I’ve also thought Pitch shifting or speed adjust in preview would be handy as in other sound fx browsers

I do sound design with the media bay too. It’s a pretty promising to the more expensive standalone alternatives. But don’t you find that the previewer is useless with softer audio? You can’t make anything out of ambiences or other soft to medium audio. I can’t understand why we can’t resize the previewer window, like any other waveform. I hope this will be tackled in 12.