Since I’ve been using Nuendo (from v5) I’ve wondered why the Project’s Folder path-space was given so little space in the top of the Pool Window?

Sometimes I just forgot where I’ve put some Project and then I’d like to get a clear and immediate answer to that…“Here is your Project Folder!”…
In the top of the Pool Window, there is plenty of space to display the Projects’s Folder-full path, but for some or another reason it has been given only this little space, and there’s even no pop-up when hoovering over it with your cursor?
I don’t know any other place where I can check my Project’s Folder location?
Sure, I can just select “Save As” but that’s only a workaround for finding it…

I think it’s a small but important information-line which deserves the space it needs.

Niek/ Amsterdam

When I need to see the full path, I pull that window space wider. If you can’t do it, maybe try dragging the whole field all the way to the right and trying it then. I think the dimensions save on the project level…


Thanks Chewy,
In my previous message I included a screenshot which shows my “pulled out window”, but still the path-field stays so little…Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again.
Niek/ Amaterdam.

No, you’re doing it right. I was looking at the “search” part of the window :stuck_out_tongue: .

In the screenshot you can see the full path, right? Your issue is with longer paths? In cases like that, I either squish other fields smaller or remove them from the pool entirely to open up space.

And… I think you’re right-- in any case it’s pretty hard to read. I’d like to see more “Finder” convention used here, myself.