FR: Navigation in write mode - changing to next system

I like the way the navigation in write mode is working now. There is only one thing, that often strikes me:
My scores normally have 3 or more systems on a page. If I select a note, I can up or down arrow, to navigate through the staves, but I didn’t find a way to navigate to the next system above or below (except for using the mouse, invoking the caret, switching to engrave mode or going the long way through the bars). I would be very happy, if a possibility to switch to the next system could be added. Ctrl. + arrow down selects the lowest note of the system. Why note jumping to the top note of the next system, if one presses Ctrl. + down arrow again? This would also be a very nice addition to navigate in part layouts.

(Sorry, if this has been discussed before. There are so many discussions on navigation, that I didn’t want to read all of them before posting.)

I’m not sure about this, though obviously I considered it when I was implementing the new navigation method. One thing you could consider is that you can do it with the caret, so one option would be to hit Return to show the caret, then hit down arrow to move to the system below.

My input method - like John Barron, if I recall correctly - is to enter all the notes and than go back to the start to enter dynamics, articulations etc. I do this in page view, because I can have much more music on the screen and going from one place to the other is much faster. I try to avoid using the mouse as much as possible, but at this stage, I have use the mouse frequently, which is a pity. I tried the caret method, but that confused me to much.
People were complaining a lot about Dorico jumping around, therefore it feels like you wanted to prevent jumps as much as possible through restricting the navigation in this way. Especially working in part layouts is very strange, when you have a lot of bars in a line and lots of systems on the page and you only can move left or right an not up or down.

You can stack pages vertically, with the icons at the bottom right of the window.

I find that is nice for layouts with several systems per page (both parts and solo keyboard, etc).

That doesn’t make any difference to the fact that you can’t move the orange selection from the first note of one system to the first note of the next system (same stave) without either holding the right arrow key for a while or grabbing the mouse.

You can move from one staff to another using the up and down arrow keys. It’s only moving vertically from one system to another using the up and down arrow keys that is not currently possible.

Sorry, that’s what I meant - I have a transposition of a trumpet concerto (solo part) in front of me…