FR: Notation combined with Dynamics Lane

I feel sheepish asking for a new/upgraded feature right after the Team has released a terrific new upgrade, but while it is on my mind…

For my personal uses, having a piano roll/notation combination would not be a big deal, but having seen the new Dynamics Lane I could wish for a version that would appear below a notated staff rather than a piano roll. I realize this straddles the line between Play and Write modes, so I have no illusions how complicated this likely would be, but if such a feature were possible somewhere down the road it would be a great boon to someone such as myself, more attuned to notation than piano roll but thrilled with the possibilities of the Dynamic Lane feature.

What an exciting new release! Kudos!
[where is the fireworks emoji?!]

We don’t have any plans to bring the controller lanes from Play mode out of Play mode, I’m afraid, but I certainly understand the desire to have the score and Play mode in sync so you can more easily relate the lane you’re editing to the notation. That’s more likely the direction we will go in, e.g. keeping the views in sync when you have multiple windows open in different modes.

That’s pretty much what I was thinking of, not to move the Dynamics Lane out of Play, which is where it belongs both logically and technically.

Derrek and Daniel hello,
Well, my previous request about having an option for an instant access the Piano Roll (with all it’s features - Dynamics, CCs, Velocity) in Write Mode > Galley View, was because of exactly the same reasons.
Derrek, even there are comments from you. :wink:

I’m pretty sure when more people from the DAW world come to Dorico they will ask for this important and improvement, which will speed-up the workflow even more. :slight_smile:

Best regrads,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

I am not lobbying for Play functions in Write Mode, but Daniel’s desire to have multiple windows sync would be close enough for me. Perhaps it would be for you too.