[FR] Open audio editor from inside MediaBay


I would like to see an option, where I can select an audio file inside the MediaBay and open for example WaveLab and or
a basic Cubase-like AudioEditor directly from there, without having to import it to an audiotrack.
It wouldn´t be necessary to return the sample directly in place, it could be returned as a copy, and that way it would be super easy
to save the modified version beside the original one as well. I am managing a certain amount of collected and self-produced samples,
which are already tagged, hence the neccesity of such function.


  • would permite edition of MediaBay registered files right from the moment the sample is registered
  • easy elimination of spaces on sample start or end
  • set Sync Points to different position than Sample Start (great for later editing)
  • Audiowarp for samples would be great, but is unavailable in WaveLab.
  • no need of time-consuming renaming, rather then adding “version 1”, version 2" etc.
  • no need of retagging

Any thoughts…or workarounds?
All the best.



Please post it to the FeatureRequest thread.